Meet A³

This blog is totally inspired  and focused around the journeys and experiences, among other things that  involve three of the most important men in my life. I want you to meet them, so enjoy the short bios of A³ below.


A  – Adrian

10462561_309440789221995_5046388766664726145_nA picture is worth a thousand words. This superhero you see to the left is my husband and my best friend. You can probably tell that there is never a dull  moment with him around and a serious conversation is hard to come by with him. He is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life and Ajay and Acee adore him! 

Musician, Carpenter, Chef, Professional Irritator 





A² – Adrian Jr. (Ajay)

2016-05-27 11.45.05The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. This Child goes by the name of Adrian Jr. but everyone calls him Ajay. I couldn’t have picked a better name for our first born son together, simply because, he looks exactly like his father and as you can tell by the picture her acts like his father as well. This little boy changed my entire life and is still helping me to experience things that  I could never imagine. His personality is something that words can’t describe. You’d have to be there! (or watch the video!) 

Musician (Drummer), Loves Mickey Mouse, Can Identify his numbers and letters even if no one had asked him!!




A³ – Acee 


The third times the charm. (so they say).  Such a sweet little TazManian he is!!! Looks can be deceiving Baby Acee is the third and final piece to A³. He is the ring leader and head of the house. He controls everything and does it with that nice little grin on his face. Personality is oozing from my 9 month old baby boy and I can already tell what kind of trouble he and his big brother are going to get into. Pray for me. 

Expert at drooling and eating everything, loves to climb the stairs and sit in the middle of the fire place. 




I hope  you enjoyed meeting A³ and please be sure to keep coming back to check some of the great information on  A³ – Inspired by Adrian Ajay and Acee.