DIY:Contemporary Multi-Panel Mirror

This was one of My First DIY projects and I am so excited to share it with you. This DIY mirror is Pottery Barn inspired.  This is a very popular DIY and I thought I would take a swing at it and put my own little twist to it.  This mirror was made from 12 8×10 single mirrors that i purchased from Dollar Tree and it only cost me $15!!!  To achieve the look of this DIY project, follow the step by step directions below!

Things You Will Need:

  • 12 8×10 mirrors (of your choice)
  • Duck Tape
  • Super Glue (e6ooo or dollar tree brand)
  • Large Foam Board (black) (I used white but black looks better)


Step By Step Guide:


Step 1:
Remove cardboard triangles and any hanging hooks from the back of the mirrors.






669443Step 2:
Lay mirrors face down on a flat surface (I used the floor), aligning them as you would like.






8002860Step 3:

Secure with LOTSof duck tape




9109488Step 4:
Spread a generous amount of super glue over the entire back side. 
(I hope you can see the glue on this picture!)



1530011Step 5:

Place foam board on top of the glue pressing firmly
cut foam board to size of mirror
let dry overnight



There you have it, a nice mirror  to make any room look elegant that only costs about $15!
I hope you enjoyed this DIY!!! 

Finished Project!

Check out how I incorporated this project with my Christmas Decor Below!






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