Nerf Party: Happy Birthday Camdyn

This past weekend, my eldest Nephew Camdyn turned ten (I can’t believe it) and we were invited to the coolest Nerf Party Ever!!! My brother and sister-in-law did an amazing job with this party!  This was one of the coolest parties I have ever been to. They set up an obstacle course in the backyard for the kids (and the adults) to run through equipped with hideouts and zombie clown targets. We played games like the Annihilator (who was my husband, Adrian) where the kids had to first shot the  zombie clown targets and then run, duck and hide behind the hideouts to take out the Annihilator,before he got you. They also played capture the flag were the kids were put on teams and each team had a flag and a base. The first team to capture the other team’s flag was the winner. It was great fun for the adults as well as the children. They did a awesome job! Check out the pictures below!

The Birthday Boy – Camdyn!


The Nerf Turf! (Back Yard Setup)

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My Brother, Corey (Camdyn’s Awesome Dad) Explaining the Nerf Turf Safety Rules and Game Rules


The Kids Getting Ready to Play!


A few of the Nerf Guns


Kids and Parents


The Annihilator (My Husband, Adrian)


Jayden Attacking the Annihilator


Ajay was ready!


Ajay Needed a Little Help!


Zombie Clowns!!!!!

01078048804e0ef43c00c8c449116d1e6d939464ddTrying to get the Annihilator!


LOL! My Mom and I

( she thought she was Charlie’s Angels)


The Nerf Cake!!!!cake



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