Weekend Haul: 5 Below!

Happy Monday

I’m still on a shopping high from the few items I purchased this weekend! It has lingered over and is making my Monday feel great!!!  I went to one of my favorite stores, Five Below  after hearing that they were having a Columbus Day Sale! Some of their items like their Ballet Flats and their Graphic Tee’s were on sale for $2.99!  After looking through their online ad (linked at the bottom of this post) I knew exactly what I wanted to get. Unfortunately, I didn’t get everything I wanted due to the stores availability, BUT i did get four  AMAZING items. Check them out below!!


I love elephants and I love Zen coloring and Five Below had these Amazing Kaleidoscope Pillows. You can actually color the pillow! How amazing is that?! The elephant design was the icing on the cake! Well worth $5.00



I also ran across this beautiful glass tumbler with a gold elephant embellishment on it. It is so beautiful, the picture does not do it justice!  I told y’all I love elephants! This is my favorite item that I purchased. I don’t think I will actually drink out of it, I will probably use it for more of  a decor piece. It was only $2.99 


I decided to take advantage of the sale they had and picked up a graphic tee for $2.99.  There were so many yo choose from so I narrowed it down to the one that described me the most. It says “All I Care About is Pasta and Like 3 People!” Yep, that’s me, I love pasta and my A³. 


The last thing I purchased was a 2 pc. Jewelry Stand! This is so cute and it goes perfectly with my beauty throne! The white and gold accented arrow design is classic and trendy. The bottom of the stands are actually trays that can hold your rings or earrings!  It was $5.00


Five Below is a fairly new store to Memphis and It has already become one of my favorites. They have amazing items with nothing over $5.oo! Who wouldn’t love a store like that! 

To find your nearest Five Below Click this link  >>> My Nearest Five Below <<< or  to check out their great products and shop online line click the link below

Check them out here!!!!

Disclaimer: I nor any entity of inspiredbya3.wordpress.com did not receive any form of compensation for this blog post from any company of brand listed.  All views and opinions are my own.



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