Product Review – Stride Rite Soft Motion Shoes – Bzzagent!


I have never been a fan of putting shoes on little ones. I never thought they were effective in helping them walk or making them walk easier. I always thought they were in the way and a hindrance. Despite my views, I decided to try the Soft Motion Stride Rite shoes (sent to me free from bzzagent and striderite) on my 12 month old. These shoes changed my entire view of little ones, walking and shoes.

The Look, The Size, The Fit


I chose the style Kellen in the color Tan.  They are so adorable and go with almost any outfit. The wide straps with Velcro on the end make them easy to close and secure my son’s feet perfectly. They are not your usual bulky hard bottom shoe that only comes in one or two colors. I was able to choose from a wide variety of styles and colors which was a plus in my eyes.  I also loved that they offered wide sizes. The fit was perfect. It is so hard to find shoes to fit my boys because they have wide feet and shoes are so hard to get on . These shoes were offered in wide sizes and they fit my son’s feet perfectly. I could slip them right on!

The Kid’s Reaction


Once I put them on his feet he took off!   I could see a huge difference in the way he walked. The teetering and tumbling that was once there was no more with these shoes.  They are soft, with memory foam in the inside and they look very well made. Overall, this shoe is a well rounded shoe and a winner in my eyes.

Check them out!


If you have a little one who’s ready to get moving you should really give these shoes a run!  I have included the link to the website below!

Stride Rite Soft Motion  Shoes

disclaimer: I received this product from bzzagent and Stride Rite Free in exchange for my honest option and review.




2 thoughts on “Product Review – Stride Rite Soft Motion Shoes – Bzzagent!

  1. Makes you wonder if little ones should be wearing shoes around the house instead of going barefoot! Could make a difference in the way they walk when they’re young. Loved your review, any of my friends who have kids I will definitely let them know about these. 🙂


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