B2S VOXBOX from Influenster



Let me start by saying, If you have not heard bout influenster, you are LOSING. Influenster is website that sends you free products to try out in exchange for you honest review. The products come in what’s called a VoxBox. VoxBoxes are sent by Influenster based on your profile, and other information you provide and also by doing snaps, lists and reviews. Participation is the key to getting VoxBoxes.

Last Week I received my FIRST voxbox. I got the Back to School VoxBox. Let me tell you, IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT.  I was so excited when I came home and saw the bright purple box sitting on the table.


Here is what was in my B2S VoxBox!!!!

(I received the products free for testing purposes.)


(2) Pilot G2 pens: This was by far my favorite item that came in the box. Writing is a bloggers life and you should always have pens at bay. They sent two pens, a black one and a turquoise one (which is soooo pretty).  These pens are AWESOME!!! They are smooth, they dry fast and they don’e smudge. What more could you want out of a pen?



3 types of coffee  in 100% compostable pods!

Kauai Coffee: Garden Island Medium Roast: I like this coffee it wasn’t too strong  and I loved how the pods are compostable!!!

Chock full o’Nuts Coffee 100% Colombian Medium Roast: The name of this coffee was really what caught my attention. I was not very impressed with this coffee. I am not a coffee drinker but this was definitely not my favorite.




 Land O Frost Deli Snackers: Influenster asked me to let my son try these and he DID NOT like them. There is not much that my son will not eat but he really didn’t like these. I didn’t care for them too much either. They sent an actual coupon for me to redeem in the store.








Country Crock Spread:  This was a coupon that I had to redeem as well. I must say that I was  happy to redeem this coupon. I used Country Crock before I received my VoxBox. It is my go to butter for everything that I cook. It is not to heavy but just heavy enough. It makes mt bread golden brown when I make grilled cheese sandwiches.








Tide PurClean: This was perfect for me and my family. We all have sensitive skin and have to use special detergent. I loved that this detergent was free of dyes and  it smelled so good!









Placker Micro Mint and Kids Smoothie Flossers:  The kids smoothie flavor of these plackers my child loves. He thought it was candy. The colors are bright and eye catching. Sure to make any kid want to floss.  I tried to Micro mint flavor and it did the job that it was supposed to do.  It beats using paper to try and get food out of your teeth.






Overall , I really enjoyed the items in this VoxBox and plan to purchase some of them more often. To sign-up for free to receive VoxBoxes got to Influester.com!



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