Always Remember


imageSeems as if it was just yesterday. I reminisce, sitting in Pre-Algebra, 7th grade, Kingsbury Middle.  The sound of footsteps coming down the empty hall, as everyone was in class. The foot steps ceased as the door knob turned and the interruption of our class began. The teacher from the adjacent room spoke a few words that I can’t seem to get out of my head. “Turn on the news”, was all she said!  As she walked out of our class head almost to the ground! We lifted out heads to the tv that was mounted in the corner of the room. As we were sitting there watching a wave of quietness, sadnesses consumed the room. Although so young  we understood how tragic and how detrimental  these events were and how they would effect our country. We were sad. We were hurt. We were confused. I had never seen a more serious side of my class.  I can remember sitting there in a daze trying to fathom how someone could be so cruel and hateful. My heart bled for the victims , their family and the country as I still possess that feeling today.


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