Spruce up you blog with theses 4 websites that have Absolutely Free Stock Photos

Finding free stock photos can be difficult and confusing if you’re a newbie in the blogging world of if you have no clue about copyright laws when dealing with stock photos and the many different sites that offer them. Whether you are using them for your blog, for flyers or for your social media sites you should be aware of how you are allowed to use the photos and what steps to take to make sure you have the legal right to use them.

When using paid sites, (i.e. shutterstock and bigstockphoto) the rights you obtain when using their photos are explained upon purchase, this is not the case when using a site that offers free stock photos. Understanding the rules and how you can or can’t use these type of photos can become a little tricky.

For this post I have done the hard work for you and listed my top 4 favorite sites that offer free images that you can use, which require no attribution( you don’t have to kind or disclaim where the photos cam from). You can use these sites for your blog or social media sites.

Let the count down begin!!!!

1. Pexels 

Free Stock photos for use anywhere. No attribution necessary.


2. Pixabay 

A wide variety of images released free of copyrights under CCO. You can download, modify and share photos for personal  and commercial use.


3. Splitshire 

High quality stock photos that are copyright free and available for commercial use.


4. Flickr 

A gallery of photos available to sync with social media platforms. All photos on this site are not royalty free. Each picture will tell you whether is available for use personally and commercially and will also inform you on how to cite if necessary.



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